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Marine Euphoria Collection 012

New York, NY — May 15, 2024 —

This collection embodies a fusion of fashion, strength, sustainability, and the splendor of the ocean. Drawing inspiration from sea corals, marine life, and the imperative to preserve our aquatic ecosystems, the color palette mirrors the coastal hues of the Caribbean Sea. Think deep, bright bay blues, vibrant ocean fuchsia shades, refreshing matcha green hues, and hints of serene turquoise.


THE COLLECTION: Marine Euphoria Collection 012
Prints: Within "Marine Euphoria Collection 012 ," prints emulate the intricate beauty of sea corals and marine creatures, celebrating the wonders of underwater life. Sustainability is the cornerstone of this collection, with fabrics crafted from recycled materials such as regenerated nylon, thrift store upcycled denim, organic cotton, and more. The silhouettes offer a harmonious blend of effortless elegance and freedom.

The Empowerment: "Marine Euphoria Collection 012 " symbolizes empowerment. It draws inspiration from the transformative experience of conquering fears through scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, where the enchanting underwater world springs to life. This collection exudes empowerment, encouraging individuals to embrace the beauty beneath the waves and awaken their inner strength.

A Tale of Creativity and Self-Expression:
Chuks Collins' artistic journey is a narrative of creative exploration and personal storytelling. His work transcends conventional boundaries, spanning various mediums and deeply rooted in his own experiences, as well as those of his clients and community. Over seven years, Chuks Collins has emerged as a trailblazer of cross-cultural high fashion, adorning celebrities and change-makers alike with designs that celebrate individuality and self-expression.

A Fusion of Cultures:
With a background born in the United Kingdom and raised between Nigeria and England, Chuks Collins' multicultural upbringing profoundly influences his creative vision. Learning the art of true tailoring from his grandmother in Nigeria as a child, Chuks developed a love for fashion that would shape his career. Despite his initial shyness, he turned to creative expression as an outlet during his youth, honing his skills in drawing, portraiture, and fashion sketching. His talent garnered recognition, leading to the auctioning of his artwork and participation in numerous art installations.

Professional Journey:
Chuks Collins' professional journey with renowned brands such as Guinness, Vice, Ralph Lauren, and more, refined his artistic skills and broadened his creative horizons. In 2014, the CHUKS COLLINS brand emerged, born from a near-death experience that profoundly impacted the designer's perspective on life and creativity. Today, his portfolio encompasses various creative mediums, including fashion, visual arts, creative direction, styling, and humanitarian entrepreneurship through his couture and sustainable lifestyle brand, TASOU.

Celebrating Individuality and Self-Expression: CHUKS COLLINS' designs pay homage to individuals who fearlessly live their lives unencumbered by societal norms, embracing self-expression as their ultimate form of liberation. His collections celebrate diversity, inclusion, and the beauty of uniqueness, inviting wearers to express their true selves.