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Emerging as a testament to the limitless human ability and the boundless possibilities it holds. Renowned designer Chuks Collins introduces a men's and women's resort collection that draws inspiration from the themes of time, process, and empowerment, creating an ensemble that resonates with awareness and awakening.

You can access the collection look images and videos here

New York City, September 1, 2023– In a groundbreaking tribute to human potential and liberation, designer Chuks Collins unveils the "Resurrection" resort campaign, an ode to self-discovery and empowerment. Set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City, this collection redefines fashion as a conduit for embracing freedom and transformation.

Chuks Collins' "Resurrection" campaign delves into self-liberation and transformation, drawing inspiration from the constant renewal found in nature, like cocooned butterflies and our own bodies. Visuals of cocoons and human forms inspire the collection's design, blending supple textiles with intricate cuts. The jewel-toned ombré palette celebrates life, with African-inspired motifs. Empowering women through symbolism and techniques like pleating, knitwear, and hand-beading, the collection embodies growth and resilience. Perfectly timed for September in NYC, the campaign mirrors the city's vibrancy, promising an exploration of potential through its fusion of cuts and silhouettes. Sustainability is paramount, reflecting Chuks Collins' eco-conscious commitment. Join the transformative journey, celebrating empowerment, embracing the essence of time, and shaping fashion's future.

Fashion designer and multi-disciplinary visual artist Chuks Collins employs a complete spectrum of creativity to convey distinct tales of personal expression, both his own and those of his clients. With celebrities like Kerry Washington, the Jonas Brothers, Quincy, Miss USA 2019, Miss Universe, Cheslie Kryst, Trevor Jackson, Claudia Jordan, and Terrance Nance among his clientele, Collins fuses his experiences and near-death encounters to permeate various mediums. His artistic influence extends through fashion, creative direction, styling, and humanitarian entrepreneurialism, exemplified in his couture and sustainable lifestyle brand, TASOU.

CHUKS COLLINS' designs pay homage to individuals who boldly embrace their unique selves, unburdened by societal norms and compelled to express their identity. His collections draw inspiration from diverse global influences and education. In his House, a forward-looking aesthetic seamlessly intertwines with origins that elude easy categorization. Each design and piece is characterized by refined, unexpected originality at its core.

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